Build you actor, animate, and in minutes, you have a new element for your Android game, Flash game, HTML5 project, Playstation, PC, XBOX, or what ever your working on.

Canimate can be used in Stencyl, Game Maker, Construct 2, Unity3D, Unreal, Sploder, Buildbox, Cocos2D, Flixel, Game Studio, RPG Maker VX Ace, Twine, Game Salad, and pretty much any other game making software you can find.

Canimate runs along side of Creature Creator, manipulating the the animation to fit the game you are making.

Canimate V.01 can manipulate left, right, head on, and other animation mixes.

Canimate is in its infant stage and is available free.

Please see instruction on downloading, installation and usage.

Thank you.

Canimate V.01 exports 160 X 160 .gif animation files.
HTML5 displaying Canimate results above was made with stencyl.
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