Thread subject: Musicians Collide :: Am I retarded or Android Development is a mess ?

Posted by admin on 04-12-2019 00:40

Well, When I picked C# and started learning Web development using ASP.NET, everything was clicking together in my mind and make sense. Even Java was understandable and I thought everything is going to smooth sailing but boy I was wrong. Android itself is mess and I feel it's fighting me in every turn, Whenever I want to implement feature I found there several different ways in web but each and every one of them comes with it own bugs, to make things worse you find many developers advice is not to do it "The google way" because their bug in the API and use depreciated one instead. Not to mention rotating the device will @#$ up your @#$ specially if you were using AsyncTask. I still a beginner in Android development but I feel that system is fighting me in every turn either that or I'm just stupid, will everything gets easier the more time I invest in android ?