Yo Marco
I found some files in my ftp.
This first one is called Bobbie Jean. Wrote this in 89 I think. This is the only one I did in studio. Twas John Aquilino of Icon's " Tiger Studio in AZ. The acoustic part drags a bit due to lac of vocals. Used a friends Washburn bass on this one. Bobbie Jean
This one I did on a VS880. Again, no vocals. Did a piss por job on drums an production. Hard to identify all the guitar parts. Sticky Situation
This one is Me Again. A cop friend of mine was learning to play. He came up with a rythm on the first and second strings and was diggin it so much that he asked me write a song around it. This is prob. my worst vocal job.
intro to Me Again
My buddy, a drummer, went to a bacholer party where a chick on pole hung upsid down. ??? Ah, hanging upside down, fell off, landed on her head and was knocked out cold. Richie the drummer and I did this on the fly. Dancer
Wrote this one in just a few min. sitting on the terlet... My wife sings... A Girl Like Me
Again, my buddy the cop, two stringer, and I wrote some stuff around it. HWY 57
Me and the drummer F***ing around. Smoke

On the last day of the Jiboom Steve Via contast, sick as a dog, I put this together in an attempt to win a Hang Out With Steve Vai contest

4Vai < flv or > Youtube

The Original Meta Cafe Song. paid $150 bucks and a T-Shirt.
The Rockin Metacafe Song... Follow up.

There is more but we are gonna cut it short here. Gotta get my boy in the shower.

Some Android stuff I did. TapDroid.com

Fred LeFebvre - The B is Silent. First acoustic version.
Fred LeFebvre - The B is Silent. First Rock version. My son in the mix
The "B" is Silent
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