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Downloading, installing, and general use video tutorial.
Testing the waters / Plans for the next version
« Last post by canimateadmin on July 25, 2016, 06:33:58 AM »
V0.1 exports 160 x 160 animation in right, left, and head on directions.
Aside from the obvious, the next version will have more realistic animations, more directional options, and size options.
 I want to do so much more. We shall see what the future holds.
Get Canimate / Download links to Canimate and SCC
« Last post by canimateadmin on July 25, 2016, 06:19:58 AM »
In order to try to keep Canimate alive, I will be using to try to generate a bit of revenue for each download. Yes, when you click the link you will have to wait 5 seconds, then click "Skip Add"
This is the download link for Canimate With New Micrsoft Default Uninstaller

This is the download link for Creature Creator

You may still be able to get SCC from

I suggest you play with Creature Creator and get used to it prior to installing Canimate.

Some PCs have issues with Canimate, So I also suggest you check out the video tutorials on how to use Canimate.

Testing the waters / Canimate in its infant stage
« Last post by canimateadmin on July 25, 2016, 06:07:29 AM »
When I first started making games for android, I searched the net for a Windows program that was free or inexpensive that had the ability to quickly and super easily create an actor and animate that actor for actions such as walk, run, jump, strike, and every imaginable action.
 The closest app. I found was Spore Creature Creator. But Creature Creator was not meant to export versatile animations. So taking a short cut, I decided that while working on developing a program like Creature Creator, I could quickly build an app. to manipulate the animations and exporting features in order to use in may games.
Version .01 is free, as will be future updates, until I finally get every functionality down to a science.

Eventually I plan to have an app. that can produce creatures, people, vehicles, weapons, buildings and anything you can dream up, and be able to animate everything, as well as export to 3d.
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